Ernest Pereira

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Our Founder & CEO, Ernest has been in the business for about two decades. He has worked on a myriad of projects of all scales ranging from some of the largest capacity auditoriums and theaters to homes, basements and everything in between.

Viv P

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Viv is our Creative Director. She has always had a natural flair for design with a touch of class. Be it a modern interpretation or a more classic impression, Viv can bring it to life, like magic. Hundreds of happy clients gladly vouch for her aesthetic instinct.

Peter C

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Our cabinets expert. He’s a true artist and has brought to life every project he has ever been involved in. Peter’s cabinets are long tastefully designed and durable. His work is key to our ‘perfect’ project deliveries.

Steve F

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Steve is an expert at flooring. His finishing is simply impeccable and his attention to detail and diligence to the work at hand is incredible.

Tracy E

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Tracy is a certified and highly experienced Electrical Engineer under whose direction all our projects are powered. Tracy has an impeccable track record for safety and has helped design and execute some of the most challenging projects with us.

John P

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John is a Master Plumber with over two decades of experience under his belt. He is a certified professional and is a crucial part of our team. Anything to do with pipes and flowing liquids, John is our man!

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